Jimmy McElroy Photography | Connacht v Leinster 03/12/2016
Connacht took on Leinster in the Women's Interprovincial Rugby Championship at Tuam RFC on Saturday 3rd December 2016. This was the opening round of this year's series. A very physical and highly entertaining game ensued. There were many handling errors but this added to the game as possession changed regularly. Both sides opted to run the ball on most possessions and the tackling was fierce as both defences stepped up to the plate. There were few scoring opportunities in the first half but Connacht did make the breakthrough with a try which was not converted to lead 5-0 at half time. The physicality, tackling and pace of the game didn't let up in the second half. Connacht looked like they might grab a second try but Leinster stood firm and broke upfield to grab a try which was also not converted. Leinster held sway for a short period but Connacht steadied and forced a penalty which was landed and Connacht led 8-5. They maintained this lead to the finish for a deserved win.
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